3 phase protector

3phase configuration   with voltage input output monitoring DIFFERENT sets of contactor brands are used. many ranges exist to fuly cover all ranges of power requirements in Challets or Resort Villas .   for 3 phase protection 2types exist  

type 1 protect against over / under voltage and phase failure.At the event of a phase failure disconnecting of only the specific failed phase leaving the other 2 phases connected.autorecovery with time delays exists

type 2 protect against over/ under voltage/phase failure and phase sequence .at the event of phase failures all 3 phases are being disconnected all at a time even if other phases donbot have a problem .autorecovery with time delays occurs .

customer may use our Power Guide Page to know power requirements and quickly return to us with exactly what you need and we will tailor you a fine deal in accordance with your budget.

we use world class controllers and materials to ensure full protection and still within Budget

World's Class brands

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